“Memory is the treasury and guardian of all things.”

Options Available

Cremation Options, Inc. provides 24-hour availability and offers all services associated with cremation; transportation of the deceased, cremation, death certificates, urns, obituaries, memorial services and many options designed to meet the needs of every family who has chosen cremation as a dignified alternative to burial. Our philosphy allows families the opportunity to choose as much or as little formality and participation as they feel they want or need. Cremation does not effect the ability to be an organ/tissue donor, have a formalized service/gathering, or interfere with final disposition arrangements (burial, entombment, scattering etc.). In fact, cremation increases one’s options.


Direct Cremation, simply stated, means at the time of death, Cremation Options will transport the body from the place of death to our facility.  Once all authorizations are completed, the body will be cremated.  Embalming or a casket are not required for cremation. Following cremation, the cremated remains will be returned to the Authorizing Agent (the legal representative authorizing the cremation).  This option has no type of formalized service or gathering, however, services may still be held at a later date.  Should the authorizing agent be located out of state, cremated remains may be shipped via the U. S. Postal Service by Registered/Certified Receipt mail.


Cremation With A Memorial Service involves performing the cremation with a service to follow and is one of the most popular options.  The service may be scheduled soon after the cremation or it may be delayed to allow for family and friends travel schedules.  This also allows for a longer planning process for personalization and family envolvement.  Your view of the type of service may vary significantly from that of another person; including your family, clergy or friends.  The most important aspect is to convey your preferencesDo you want a time of visitation, music, friends or family participation?  Do you want the urn present during the service?  Where would you like it held?  Do you want a traditional type of service or a  “celebration of life”?  Would you like a reception to follow? 

The Memorial Service should be as unique and personal as the individual, reflecting a life lived.  Family and friends are encouraged to share memories and stories, laughter and tears, a time of cherished memories.  Memorial tables containing pictures, memoribilia, awards, crafts, and anything defining the person’s life may be displayed.  Video presentations called “Life Portraits” are available, showing family photos and events, with a musical background.  Copies are made available in DVD and VHS formats to share with those who could not attend the service or for a family keepsake.

Many Memorial Services include music, pre-recorded or live musicians.  Cremation Options can arrange for many types of musicians to play violin, bagpipes, harp, piano, guitar, cello, organ, as well as a variety of music. If the person was an honorably discharged United States Veteran, we can arrange for a Veteran’s Service, including an honor guard and full military honors.  The honor guard consists of a full rifle team for the “21 Gun Salute”, as well as Flag Bearers, and a Bugler to play “Taps”.

Memorial Services may be held at a church, cemetery, park, golf or civic club,  residence, banquet room of your favorite restaurant, or any location that is both familiar and comfortable to those in attendance.  Today, as the popularity for cremation increases, more and more churches are constructing Memorial Gardens on the church property for their members.  This allows for the service, religious rite, and final disposition(placement of cremated remains) to be done at one location.


CREMATION WITH A GRAVESIDE SERVICE is an option that blends the cremation service with the tradition of ground burial.  The cremation is performed and the Memorial or Graveside Service is held at the cemetery.  Many of the same options available for the Memorial Service may also be provided at the cemetery for the graveside service.  This type of service appeals to individuals who have family members buried at the cemetery as well as giving them a location to pay their respects on holidays, special occassions, and family gatherings.


THE FUNERAL SERVICE WITH CREMATION to follow, is an option that appeals to individuals who feel they may need to have the body present for closure, as well as to retain part of tradition for other family members.  Some may elect to have a public viewing of the body as part of their cultural, ethnic, or religious tradition.  Using this option, the body is embalmed and placed in a casket selected by the Authorizing Agent.  The service is held at their church of membership or a church of their religious affiliation.*  The family may choose to have a visitation or receiving of friends before or after the service.  The Funeral Service may contain all or anypart of the options offered for Memorial Services.  The major difference is that the body is present for the service.  After the service, a time is arranged to perform the cremation.  Following the cremation the cremated remains will be returned to the Authorizing Agent or as instructed in the Final Disposition document by the Authorizing Agent. 

*The services provided by Cremation Options, Inc. appeal to people who desire cremation, but do not wish to use the services of a traditional funeral home.  We do not maintain a large facility, therefore we do not offer memorial services or funeral services at our location.  However, for your convenience, we can arrange for a Memorial Service, Family Gathering or Funeral Ceremony at a local church, cemetery, or private facility.  This concept creates a variety of service options, substantial savings, and allows families the opportunity to gather in a location closer to the community in which they live. 


OPTIONS FOLLOWING CREMATION are referred to as Final Disposition Arrangements or Memorialization.  This list is only a few of many options available:

1)    Placement in an urn for permanent containment to be retained by family members.  Urns come in a variety of materials, designs, and colors.  Cremated remains may also be seperated into several containers with permission from the Authorizing Agent.  This option allows for several family members to keep part of the cremated remains.  This may be accomplished by using “Keepsake Urns” (smaller portion urns) or “Keepsake Jewelry” that contains a very small amount of cremated remains.

2)    Burial in a gravesite at a cemetery.  This may be done just as a regular burial, however, the charge for “Opening and Closing” the grave is considerably less. Some cemeteries may allow cremated remains to be placed on an existing gravesite with a burial, referred to as a “second right of interment”.

3)    Scattering cremated remains may be done legally on private property in most states.  However, local, state, and federal laws should be consulted and permission granted prior to scattering.  Permits may be required in some states.

4)    Inurnment in a columbarium or niche refers to placement of the cremated remains in a building or structure where a niche space may be selected.  Niches are recessed compartments enclosed either by glass or granite.  The fronts may contain the name and dates of the decedent.  A columbarium may be located in a mausoleum at a cemetery or at a church.

5)    Memorial Garden placement is growing in popularity as more and more churches are constructing Memorial Gardens on the church property for their members.  The church members who are placed in the memorial garden are memorialized on a plaque, usually placed in the same area.  These areas usually contain an area for “reflection, meditation or prayer” and are beautifully landscaped with trees, flowers, scrubs and artwork. 

6)    Non-Conventional methods include services offered by several different commercial companies.  A few of these options are Sea Scattering Services, Artificial Reef Placement, Glass Artwork Containment, Air Scattering Services, Fireworks Deployment, Balloon Release, and Space Flight.


Many individuals choose a “Living Memorial” to honor the deceased.  This may be accomplished by making donations in their memory to charitable organizations, schools, churches, scholarship funds, medical research or any humanitarian organiziation.  This may be done on any scale, large or small, and most often is tax deductible.  These types of options have provided funds for stadiums, schools, bridges, libraries, medical wings, parks and many facilities that WE enjoy each day…..all in their memory.

“To live in the hearts we leave behind, is not to die.”
-Thomas Campbell 

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